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Have a listen to my compositional work. I have professional music producer experience working with a variety of genres of music. Get in touch if you need help in this area, and to discuss these services.

Have you got some really great ideas but don’t know where to go next? Need tracks edited or guitars re-amped? Take advantage of a seasoned pro music producer. Let’s talk!

Whether it’s working remotely or at my recording studio, we have the means to work together no matter what the task. Professional audio engineering and music production services.

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See what others have to say about their experiences working with me.

Geraint Cowie, LifeLust


“I have had the opportunity to work with Dan both as a musician and as an engineer. His vast knowledge of audio coupled with his innovative ideas and suggestions make working with him incredibly straightforward. Not only will Dan ensure that every project is as best as it can be, he will also offer knowledge and input throughout the journey. I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.”

Luke Hartley, Year of the Dog/Monc


“Dan is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have had several sessions together and each time he has made the atmosphere completely comfortable and captured some amazing drum sounds.

It is very clear when speaking to him that he has extensive knowledge in sound recording – and his mixes are complete evidence of this.

I hope that I have the opportunity work with him more in the future!”

George Baynes, E.K.Ö


“I have known Dan Coppuck for over 4 years, working closely with him on a number of projects. His organisation skills and knowledge are a match to no other, he is motivated to make the artist develop and grow, he has a full understanding of music theory and audio engineering that has assisted me on my path into the music industry.”

Aidan Pouncy

Music Producer

“I’ve been working with Dan Coppuck on various projects for over two years now, and I have two main takeaways: he’s the most highly motivated person I’ve ever worked with, and he has a strong sense of artistic output. Regardless of whether we’re working on a piece of music, a video production, or developing Kemper profiles, I know I can always rely on Dan to give his all.

Dan has a specific production and mix style that he has been developing for over six years. If you want your music to have a highly detailed, polished, and modern sound, look no further than working with Dan.”

Sean Hicks

Music Producer, Artist

“I met Dan in my first year at University and I knew from our first conversation that this man meant business. His in depth knowledge of how to achieve a phenomenal mix (see his work with LifeLust) as well as capturing the best possible sounds from any instrument will leave you speechless.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside him on multiple projects in the studio and always find myself in awe of his ability to take any average mix and create something special. I hope to find myself in the studio with him for many years to come!”

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music producer helps musicians turn songs into musical productions and final recordings for sale. … They work with both talent and the production crew (if one is present) to ensure the most effective final product is recorded. 

An audio engineer works with the technical aspects of sound during the processes of recording, mixing, and reproduction. Audio engineers often assist record producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they are hoping to achieve.

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