About Me

Daniel J Coppuck - MSc Music Engineering and Production, BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering.

Engineer, Musician, Composer

My journey into truly appreciating music started at 13 years old when I first got my hands on an electric guitar. This is where the obsession began. Practicing my instrument with every free moment that I had lead me to become competent in my playing ability. It was only after playing for 4 years that I was challenged by a friend to compose an original composition, something that I had never considered doing, let alone think I was even capable of. Eight hours later I had pieced together my first composition and had realised this would not be the last time that I would commit myself to this endeavour. 

It was after writing a few more original compositions that I decided that I would actually take this music to the stage, and so, I formed my first band – Amongst Carrion. The process that I used to put together my compositions originally consisted of extremely rough recordings of my guitar amplifier, using my built-in laptop microphone, of mono guitar tracks in Audacity just so the idea could be presented to my band mates. I decided that I was no longer happy with presenting such basic recordings to my band mates when I knew it was possible to provide a demo which better articulated my vision of my music. 

This is when I acquired my first piece of recording equipment. A Line 6 UX2 with POD Farm and a free copy of Ableton Suite 8 as a DAW to record into. Once getting my head around how to use both the UX2 and DAW I soon realised that the potential to create vastly improved demos was apparent, I was finally able to get closer to the true vision of my music that I was not able to achieve before.

The obsession with recording and production continued and over time I further upgraded my recording equipment, software and expanded my knowledge of audio engineering to a point where I felt I could truly deliver the exact vision I had for the music I was creating. It was at this point that I decided that this was something I really wanted to make a career out of, as, if I could do this for myself what was to stop me from facilitating others visions and making them a reality?

I then decided that the next logical step would be to attend the University of South Wales on the BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering degree. During my time on this course I made all the moves in the direction of taking this hobby to a full-time professional career working on my new bands music, composing, producing and mixing LifeLusts releases to date, co-writing, producing and mixing EKÖ’s single You Don’t Know and finally Co-writing, Producing, Mixing and Mastering the single and EP for EKÖ that released in 2019. Also during my time at USW I established the company Paragon Audio LTD, which provided hobbyist to professional musicians and producers alike, products to assist their recordings, as well as offering educational videos, topical discussion on all things music and entertainment for anyone who as an interest in musical performance and/or production and engineering.

Since graduating from my BSc I have since completed a MSc in Music Engineering and Production, worked with a multitude of artists in different genres helping them create, record, mix and master their music for commercial release, as well as, compose and mix and master a film score for an interactive feature film due for release in 2021.

With my broad experience with various genres of music in regards to composition and mixing it is my goal to assist every artist who I work with to achieve the vision they have with their music.