Easy Reverse Snare Effect (Logic Pro X)

Although this guide has been written based on the usage of Apple Logic Pro X the principles apply to all DAW’s, specific methodology will vary slightly but the same outcome will be achieved.

1. Take a sample of the snare you are using in your current project and create a new audio track

2. Now add a reverb on the channel insert.

3. Bounce the audio in place with the reverb printed to the audio.

4. Open the waveform editor and select Functions > Reverse.

5. Open the audio editor and mark the end of the waveform with a transient marker.

6. Now within the waveform editor select Edit >  Set > Region Anchor to Next Transient, doing this will mean that the reverse sample will always snap to grid at the end of the waveform.

7. Align the reverse sample to end as the snare is hit.

8. Using the the fader tool you can change the envelope of the effect making the effect come in quicker if needed.