Easy Sub Drop Effect (Logic Pro X)

1. Create a new audio track in your DAW and insert the Test Oscillator plugin on the channel strip.

2. Open the Test Oscillator plugin and select ‘Sine Sweep’. 

      • Set the ‘Time’ parameter according to how long you want the sub drop to last.
      • Change the ‘End Frequency’ to 20Hz
      • Adjust the ‘Start Frequency’ as close to the songs 2nd or 1st Octave of the Key as you can in the Test Oscillator, E.g.  D2 = 73Hz (Musical Note to Frequency Conversion Chart found HERE)
      • Set ‘Level’ to -6 dB

3. Set up another Audio Track named ‘Sub Drop’ and set the Output of the first Audio Track with the Test Oscillator on it to Bus 1. Set the Input of the ‘Sub Drop’ track to Bus 1 so you can record the signal created from the Test Oscillator. Arm the record button on the ‘Sub Drop’ Audio Track.

4. Open the Test Oscillator and start recording, press the Trigger button to activate the Sine Sweep and record it.

5. Open the Audio Editor and under File adjust the Anchor point to the beginning of the sub drop so that the beginning of the sub drop snaps to the grid.

6. Trim the region and apply fades to either end of the recording. You can now position the sub drop where you want in your project.