Q. How much does ____ cost?
All services are bespoke to the client therefore the costs vary per project, give us a call or drop us a message.

Q. I have an idea but I don’t really know what to do with it, whether it’s worth pursuing?
The best response to this is to get in contact with us so we can understand what your vision is and then offer advice on what services we offer to help facilitate them.

Q. What is the complete turnaround time for my project?
With everyone’s projects being unique it is impossible to provide detailed expectations in regards to turnaround time. We will do our best to estimate these as we discuss your requirements.

Q. How can a producer help further my career as an artist?
As an artist it so easy to end being creatively fatigued and get stuck in a loop. Utilising the skills available to you when working with us can help you get more than you ever expected out an idea that you have and working with a producer offers professional perspective as they are on top of the game making sure that your music is inline with current commercial expectations or pushing the boundaries further.

Q. If I am to send audio remotely, what format should they be in and how should I send them?
Any audio sent to us must be recorded at 44.1kHz with a bit depth of 16 and saved as a WAVE file.

Q. If I want to send my project to you, what do I do?
Depending on which DAW you use it is always preferable to have the audio files in their RAW format sent, alongside this a bounce down of your mix so processing ideas of your tracks can be heard and used as a reference.

Q. What DAW do you use?
We proudly use Logic Pro X with a view to eventually have Pro Tools at hand. We are fully educated in the use of both formats.

Q. What genres and styles of music do you work with?
Anything. There are no restrictions when it comes to your creative vision.

Q. Do I need to be in a band or is it okay if I am just a solo artist?
Even if you only have voice memo recordings on your phone of you singing or playing a chord progression on your chosen instrument this is enough for us to get things moving.

Q. How does payment work for your services?
All projects take an initial 50% deposit and upon completion the final 50% is to be paid and then all relevant assets will be delivered.

Q. How long do I have to get everything completed?
As every project varies with complexity and depth it is discussed on a case by case basis what the time frames to be expected are, for example, an idea you have may end up taking a few months to develop depending on the scope of it whereas another may take a single day to develop – we just want to make sure that you get the absolute best out of your music.

Q. What if I don’t have the equipment to create the music I want to make from my location?
If we are solely working remotely then booking tracking time in a local studio to you will be discussed and then arranged, for an additional fee. In regards to working on location with us we have a list of high quality industry standard equipment on our website which covers all bases for all genres. We also have access to facilities in our local area if they are required with additional equipment on hand.

Q. I cant play or perform instruments that I want to use in my music?
Dan is a multi-instrumentalist as well as an engineer and is always happy to perform on your music if required. Do not hesitate to make any request, your vision is our priority and we will do all we can to facilitate it. In addition to this, we are well connected in our local and national music communities and have a number of session musicians on hand who are more than happy to perform on your songs, for an additional fee of course which varies per the session musicians individual costs.