Songwriting, Ghost Writing and Composition

Do you have a great voice but no idea what to do with it? Have you always wanted to see what you would sound like on your own original track? Or do you just want to treat a loved one to a unique gift in the form of a song? No matter what your situation I can assist with writing a full arrangement of music utilising nearly any instruments you can imagine. We can work together from the most basic of concepts all the way through to just adding the last touches to the top-line of a nearly finished project. Get in touch with your needs now!


If all you have is an idea for a song, a basic phone recording of you singing or playing guitar etc that is enough for us to get started – every major commercial song release you have ever heard, be that on TV, Radio or Film started off as someones basic idea. As long as you have a vision and the ambition to create a record, even if you don’t have the required means to facilitate that, I can assist you achieve your goal. By opening up a dialogue with me and sharing your ideas I can aid you though collaboration and implementing some of my own ideas to launch your initial idea and grow it into a fully fledged produced song.

I can bring all the elements that you wish to your record to create a piece of music that will be remembered and enjoyed by many! Even if all you provide is an idea in your head, phone recording or a demo, that is enough for us to begin working. With your trust and commitment to your goals we will make something truly awesome. There are no limitations as I am able to record anything required so we can realise your vision.

Mixing and Mastering

There are now so many hobbyist, semi-professional and professional individuals producing music, from their bedrooms through to multi-million pound recording studios. There are also so many people putting out music related content that in this time it is more important than it ever has been to have something that makes you stand out from the masses. Having an inferior quality record is the quickest way to get buried in the sea of content that is already out there. Your music deserves the best it can have so that it doesn’t suffer the backlash that music with an uncontrolled low end, harsh and piercing frequencies or vocals that are indiscernible are subjected to. I can provide you with a commercial release ready mix and master that will give you the edge to stand out and be taken seriously as an artist for people to pay attention to.

Tracking and Editing

By coming and working with me in person I can guarantee that every element of your record is tracked professionally so that the final product will meet the commercial expectations of modern music production. With that being said the editing services I provide will also bring that extra edge to your music whether or not you tracked with me personally or we are working together remotely.


Beginning my musical journey as a guitarist means I have extensive experience in building great guitar and bass tones, complex FX chains and instrument processing chains. I can take your DI tracks and reamp them to sound huge and unique no matter what genre of music you are working on.

Video play-throughs

If we work together on location I also offer the opportunity for you and your band mates to create video play-throughs for you to advertise your music on social media. All video is capture in Full HD and edited for release.

Promotional Photography

I also offer promotional photography services for you and your band if you so wish to utilise them. I will provide high resolution images edited with an aesthetic style of your choosing.

LifeLust Promo Photo